JILA Graduate Students Qizhong Liang and Drew Morrill Win Colorado Photonics Industry Association Poster Contest

Submitted by kennac on Mon, 10/23/2023 - 4:04 pm

JILA graduate students Qizhong Liang and Drew Morrill receiving awards for their poster presentations at CPIA

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Autum Gullatt/CPIA

Every year, the Colorado Photonics Industry Association (CPIA) holds a university meeting where students from several of Colorado's prominent universities present their work as a poster to an industry audience, followed by networking with potential employers. For students, it's an excellent opportunity to practice public speaking, share their current research projects, and find potential industry jobs. Each year, three students are awarded a cash prize for how well they communicate their research and the design of their poster. 

This year, JILA graduate students Qizhong Liang, from JILA and NIST Fellow Jun Ye's research group, and Drew Morrill, from JILA Fellows Margaret Murnane's and Henry Kapteyn's research group, have been awarded prizes for their poster presentations. Both researchers designed an engaging poster that complimented their talk. Morrill's poster, titled: "High-harmonic generation from a 3 μm wavelength OPCPA," discussed a method to generate soft X-rays using laser arrays. Liang's, in contrast, focused on using frequency combs for molecular detection, as his poster was titled: "Detect COVID-19 with a frequency comb laser breathalyzer." Congratulations to both Qizhong and Drew for their outstanding work!