The JILA-PFC pursues educational and outreach activities that strongly impact young researchers and engage the general public in the excitement of science. Our engagement includes the training of AMO graduate students, postdocs, and undergraduates and the JILA-PFC public outreach program that connects JILA researchers with K--12 students in the Partnership for Informal Science Education in the Community (PISEC) afterschool program. This program promotes diversity by encouraging excitement for science in predominantly Latino communities. Additionally, we will host summer research internships at JILA and implement a hands-on quantum science education program through a partnership with Florida International University, which was recently funded by the PFC PREP program, as well as in collaboration with Q-SEnSE, a NSF Quantum Institute, and the CU Boulder SMART program.  

The JILA-PFC also includes development and assessment of a project to connect undergraduates at less-resourced institutions across the US to JILA science by providing guided inquiry activities working with a remotely controlled cold atom apparatus. We also sponsor topical workshops for the scientific community and host visitors via the JILA visiting program sponsored by NIST.

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Partnerships in Informal Science Education in the Community (PISEC)
Education Research
Community Outreach