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A rendering of two differently polarized lasers used to create elliptical polarization
Creating the “Goldilocks” Zone: Making Special-Shaped Light

In a new study published in Scientific Reports, JILA Fellow and University of Colorado Boulder physics professor Andreas Becker and his team…

Tunable ultrafast XUV HHG captures the competing dynamics of spin-flips and spin-transfers in a Heusler Co2MnGa compound.
Unlocking the Secrets of Spin with High-Harmonic Probes

Deep within every piece of magnetic material, electrons dance to the invisible tune of quantum mechanics. Their spins, akin to tiny atomic tops, dictate the magnetic behavior of the material they inhabit. This…

A SiN resonator under localized heating. Different modes have different effective temperatures depending on the spatial overlap between the local temperature and the dissipation density of the mode.
A Drum Sounding Both Hot and Cold

When measuring minor changes for quantities like forces, magnetic fields, masses of small particles, or even gravitational waves, physicists use micro-mechanical resonators, which act like tuning forks, resonating at…

"Visualization of locating the optimal generator on a Bloch sphere. The color represents the QFI for the given generator."
Making Use of Quantum Entanglement

Quantum sensors help physicists understand the world better by measuring time passage, gravity fluctuations, and other effects at the tiniest scales. For example,  one quantum sensor, the LIGO gravitational wave…

Hybrid integration of a designer nanodiamond with photonic circuits via ring resonators.
Diamonds in the Quantum Rough: A Sparkling Breakthrough

In quantum information science, many particles can act as “bits,” from individual atoms to photons. At JILA, researchers utilize these bits as “qubits,” storing and processing quantum 1s or 0s through a unique system…

High-fidelity imaging of highly periodic structures enabled by vortex high harmonic beams.
Vortex Beam Microscopy: Supercharged Imaging at Short Wavelengths

To study nanoscale patterns in tiny electronic or photonic components, a new method based on lensless imaging allows for near-perfect high-resolution microscopy. This is especially important at wavelengths shorter…

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Major Activities

JILA PFC Partnerships

FIU logo.FIU-JILA Partnership for Research and Education in Physics: https://fiujilaprep.fiu.edu/Student-faculty exchange diagram.

An NSF-sponsored partnership between FIU Physics and JILA Physics Frontier Center (PFC) for research excellence and diversity in Atomic, Molecular, and Optical (AMO) Physics. Click diagram for a larger image.

Latest News

Anjun Chu, a JILA graduate student, has been awarded the esteemed Boeing Quantum Creators Prize for 2023. This prestigious award, established by Boeing in 2021, celebrates early-career researchers who have significantly contributed to the advancement of quantum information science and engineering.

Chu, a member of the theory group led by JILA and NIST Fellow Ana Maria Rey, has distinguished himself through his groundbreaking research in quantum many-body dynamics. His work, focusing on spin systems and their multilevel extensions, has been vital in exploring quantum simulation and metrology in cutting-edge areas like optical lattice clocks and cavity QED systems.


Recent Publications

Quantum-State-Resolved Scattering of OCS at the Gas-Liquid Interface: Hyperthermal versus Thermal Vibrational Equilibration Dynamics in Polyatomics
Large T.A.L., and D.J. Nesbitt, The Journal Of Physical Chemistry C (2023).
Investigators: David Nesbitt
Energy-Resolved Femtosecond Hot Electron Dynamics in Single Plasmonic Nanoparticles
Pettine J., P. Maioli, F. Vallée, N. Del Fatti, and D.J. Nesbitt, Acs Nano 17, 10721-10732 (2023).
Investigators: David Nesbitt
The Event Horizon Telescope Image of the Quasar NRAO 530
Jorstad S., J. Dexter, and et. al, The Astrophysical Journal 943, 170 (2023).
Investigators: Jason Dexter
Control and amplification of Bloch oscillations via photon-mediated interactions
Zhang H., A. Chu, C. Luo, J.K. Thompson, and A. Rey, Physical Review Research 5, L032039 (2023).
Investigators: Ana Maria Rey | James Thompson
Binding Pocket Response of EDTA Complexes with Alkaline Earth Dications to Stepwise Hydration─Structural Insight from Infrared Spectra
Foreman M.M., L. Terry, and M. Weber, The Journal Of Physical Chemistry A 127, 5374-5381, (2023).
Investigators: J. Mathias Weber
Ultrafast Nanoimaging of Electronic Coherence of Monolayer WSe2
Luo W., B. Whetten, V. Kravtsov, A. Singh, Y. Yang, D. Huang, X. Cheng, T. Jiang, A. Belyanin, and M.B. Raschke, Nano Letters 23, 1767-1773 (2023).
Investigators: Markus Raschke