The JILA Physics Frontier Center brings together talented investigators in a collaborative environment where they share goals, ideas, expertise, and technology in their quest to understand and control complex quantum systems. Four collaborative research activities support this endeavor: (1) Building complex matter from the ground up, (2) Engineering many-body systems using light-matter coupling, (3) Molecular coherence and transformation, and (4) Exploring high-impact synergistic research directions that evolve naturally from research on the frontiers of physics. In their explorations of these physics frontiers, atomic, molecular, and optical physicists work closely with biophysicists, and chemical physicists, as well as experts in precision measurement, nanoscience, and quantum information. 

The Electron Stops When The Bands Play On
The Kapteyn-Murnane group has come up with a novel way to use fast bursts of extreme ultraviolet light to capture how strongly electrons interact with each other in materials. This research is important for figuring out how quickly...
The Ties That Bind
JILA and NIST scientists are hot on the trail of understanding quantum correlations (or entanglement) among groups of quantum particles such as atoms or ions. Such particles are the building blocks of larger and larger chunks of matter...
The Chameleon Interferometer
The Regal group recently met the challenge of measurements in an extreme situation with a device called an interferometer. The researchers succeeded by using creative alterations to the device itself and quantum correlations. Quantum...
Vision Quest
The Perkins group continues to extend the performance of its unique Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) technology, revealing for the first time a dozen new short-lived intermediate states in the folding and unfolding of a membrane protein that...
Quantum Leaps
Research associate Shimon Kolkowitz and his colleagues in the Ye group and Rey theory group have developed a powerful new way to experimentally simulate the complex behavior of electrons in solids. In these experiments, the team uses its...

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