The JILA Physics Frontier Center brings together talented investigators in a collaborative environment where they share goals, ideas, expertise, and technology in their quest to understand and control complex quantum systems. Four collaborative research activities support this endeavor: (1) Building complex matter from the ground up, (2) Engineering many-body systems using light-matter coupling, (3) Molecular coherence and transformation, and (4) Exploring high-impact synergistic research directions that evolve naturally from research on the frontiers of physics. In their explorations of these physics frontiers, atomic, molecular, and optical physicists work closely with biophysicists, and chemical physicists, as well as experts in precision measurement, nanoscience, and quantum information. 

The Energetic Adolescence of Carbon Dioxide
The reaction, at first glance, seems simple. Combustion engines, such as those in your car, form carbon monoxide (CO). Sunlight converts atmospheric water into a highly reactive hydroxyl radical (OH). And when CO and OH meet, one byproduct...
And, The Answer Is . . . Still Round
Why are we here? This is an age-old philosophical question. However, physicists like Will Cairncross, Dan Gresh and their advisors Eric Cornell and Jun Ye actually want to figure out out why people like us exist at all. If there had been...
The Clock that Changed the World
Imagine A Future . . . The International Moon Station team is busy on the Moon’s surface using sensitive detectors of gravity and magnetic and electric fields looking for underground water-rich materials, iron-containing ores, and other...
It’s Triplets!
Newly minted JILA Ph.D. Catherine Klauss and her colleagues in the Jin and Cornell group decided to see what would happen to a Bose-Einstein condensate of Rubidium-85 (85Rb) atoms if they suddenly threw the whole experiment wildly out of...
A New Quantum Drum Refrain
Quantum computers require systems that can encode, manipulate, and transmit quantum bits, or qubits. A creative way to accomplish all this was recently demonstrated by Adam Reed and his colleagues in the Lehnert group. The researchers...

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Ye Elected to Chinese Academy of Sciences
Ye wins NIST Jacob Rabinow Applied Research Award
Ye and Jin, highly cited researchers for fourth consecutive year
PhET Team Receives 2018 APS Excellence in Physics Education Award