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Atoms in an optical lattice perform a "quantum walk" where they experience many different quantum phenomena, such as superposition or tunneling.
The Interference of Many Atoms, and a New Approach to Boson Sampling

In daily life, when two objects are “indistinguishable,” it’s due to an imperfect state of knowledge. As a street magician scrambles the cups and balls, you could, in principle, keep track of which ball is which as…

Atoms inside of an optical cavity exchange their momentum states by "playing catch" with photons. As the atoms absorb photons from an applied laser, the whole cloud of atoms recoil rather than the individual atoms.
Twisting and Binding Matter Waves with Photons in a Cavity

Precisely measuring the energy states of individual atoms has been a historical challenge for physicists due to atomic recoil. When an atom interacts with a photon, the atom “recoils” in the opposite direction,…

Coulomb crystals are surrounded by molecules used in the Lewandowski laboratory to study astrochemical reactions
Cold Coulomb Crystals, Cosmic Clues: Unraveling the Mysteries of Space Chemistry

While it may not look like it, the interstellar space between stars is far from empty. Atoms, ions, molecules, and more reside in this ethereal environment known as the Interstellar Medium (ISM). The ISM has…

Multilevel atoms on a superradiance potential "rollercoaster" inside an optical cavity. The system can be tuned to generate squeezing in a dark state where it will be immune to superradiance.
Squeezing in the Dark of a Superradiant Roller Coaster

While atomic clocks are already the most precise timekeeping devices in the universe, physicists are working hard to improve their accuracy even further. One way is by leveraging spin-squeezed states in clock atoms.…

Diagram of the experimental setup (not to scale): Photoactivation of a single molecule of bR.
Probing Proton Pumping: New Findings on Protein Folding in bacteriorhodopsin (bR)

When it comes to drug development, membrane proteins play a crucial role, with about 50% of drugs targeting these molecules. Understanding the function of these membrane proteins, which connect to the membranes of…

Atomic dipoles on a lattice interact to produce an observable spatially varying frequency shift (shown as blue to red).
Dipole-Dipole Interactions: Observing A New Clock Systematic Shift

In a new study published in Science today, JILA and NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Fellow and University of Colorado…

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Major Activities

JILA PFC Partnerships

FIU logo.FIU-JILA Partnership for Research and Education in Physics: https://fiujilaprep.fiu.edu/Student-faculty exchange diagram.

An NSF-sponsored partnership between FIU Physics and JILA Physics Frontier Center (PFC) for research excellence and diversity in Atomic, Molecular, and Optical (AMO) Physics. Click diagram for a larger image.

Latest News

While industry and academia tend to be the two main job trajectories after graduating with a Ph.D. or postdoctoral degree, some individuals, like Tanya Ramond, combine aspects of these careers in her role as Founder and CEO of Sapienne Consulting

“As an independent consultant, I am driven by a deep passion for commercialization and product strategy in deep tech areas,” Ramond elaborates. “These areas of technology are particularly challenging, often hardware-based, and heavily reliant on intellectual property. My expertise and enthusiasm extend to fields like quantum physics, optics, aerospace, and clean tech, inspiring those around me to push the boundaries of what is possible.” 


Recent Publications

Quantum sensing and metrology for fundamental physics with molecules
DeMille D., N.R. Hutzler, A.M. Rey, and T. Zelevinsky, (2024).
Investigators: Ana Maria Rey
Momentum-exchange interactions in a Bragg atom interferometer suppress Doppler dephasing
Luo C., H. Zhang, V.P.W. Koh, J.D. Wilson, A. Chu, M.J. Holland, A.M. Rey, and J.K. Thompson, Science 384, 551-556 (2024).
Investigators: Ana Maria Rey | James Thompson | Murray Holland
Essay: Quantum Sensing with Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Platforms for Fundamental Physics
Ye J., and P. Zoller, Physical Review Letters 132, 190001 (2024).
Investigators: Jun Ye
Quantum state manipulation and cooling of ultracold molecules
Langen T., G. Valtolina, D. Wang, and J. Ye, Nature Physics (2024).
Investigators: Jun Ye
Spin squeezing with itinerant dipoles: A case for shallow lattices
Wellnitz D., M. Mamaev, T. Bilitewski, and A.M. Rey, Physical Review Research 6, (2024).
Investigators: Ana Maria Rey
Fast generation of spin squeezing via resonant spin-boson coupling
Barberena D., S.R. Muleady, R.J. Lewis-Swan, J.J. Bollinger, and A.M. Rey, Quantum Science And Technology 9, 025013 (2024).
Investigators: Ana Maria Rey