The Snowflake of Insulators
Falling on ice is never fun. A cold and slippery rink is as unforgiving as concrete. Falling into snow, however, is like falling into a pile of leaves. Fluffy, sometimes sticky, and soft enough to be the only substance societally...
The Strontium Optical Tweezer
As noted in their recent publication, JILA researchers have, for the first time, trapped a single alkaline-earth atom and cooled it to its ground state. To trap this atom, researchers used an optical tweezer, which is a laser focused...
The First Quantum Degenerate Polar Molecules
Understanding chemistry requires understanding both molecules and quantum physics. The former defines the start and end of chemical reactions, the latter dictates the dynamics in between. JILA researchers now have a better understanding...
Taming Chemistry at the Quantum Level
JILA researchers are using lasers to control chemical reactions at the quantum level. This control brings new insights to our understanding of reaction pathways, and serves as a proof-of-principle that similar techniques could...
Turn it Up to 11 – The XUV Comb
JILA Researchers have generated the most powerful XUV frequency comb yet. This tabletop experiment generates powers comparable to synchrotron light sources’, while maintaining stability and control. This tool could light a second...

The JILA Physics Frontier Center (JILA PFC) brings together 20 investigators in collaboration to share goals, ideas, expertise and technology in their aim to realize precise measurement, innovative manipulation, and harvesting ever-more intriguing meaning, all in the world of complex  quantum systems.

A theme that runs through all of JILA PFC research is the importance of interactions in understanding and exploiting the nature of quantum many-particle systems. The JILA PFC seeks to foment a new quantum revolution, in which matter with built-in quantum correlation will be understood, controlled, and harnessed. In this process, we will gain new insights into the emergence of universal rules that govern complex materials. At the same time, the JILA PFC envisions inventing novel quantum-measurement approaches for exploring unknown corners of our physical world.

The JILA PFC is housed within the JILA institute, which is a joint institute of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the University of Colorado at Boulder.


Center News

Jun Ye and Deborah Jin named 2018 Highly Cited Researchers
Perkins and Lehnert Awarded Department of Commerce Medals
Jun Ye Stars in Feature Film
Ye wins 2018 Rabi Award for research on optical lattice atomic clocks

JILA’s NSF Physics Frontier Center follows University of Colorado polices for ensuring harassment-free environments.  For more detailed information please read the whole Discrimination and Harassment Policy and Procedures.