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A representation of bosonic pair creation, which creates an entangled state between atoms
Entangled Pairs Get Sensitive Very Fast

The best clock in the world has no hands, no pendulum, no face or digital display. It is made of ultra-cold atoms trapped by light.  This atomic clock is so precise that, had it begun ticking when Earth formed…

An artistic rendering of the bacterium's riboswitch and its interactions with three different potential ligands.
Looking at a Cellular Switch

Although one might think it would be simple, the genetics of bacteria can be rather complicated. A bacterium’s genes use a set of regulatory proteins and other molecules to monitor and change genetic expressions…

Radiation streaming from the sun's corona becomes visible during an eclipse
How 1,000 undergraduates helped solve an enduring mystery about the sun

For a new study, a team of physicists recruited roughly 1,000 undergraduate students at CU Boulder to help answer one of the most enduring questions about the sun: How does the star’s outermost atmosphere, or “corona…

Two different experiments looking at dipolar BEC gases and their dynamics
A Tale of Two Dipoles

Dipolar gases have become an increasingly important topic in the field of quantum physics in recent years. These gases consist of atoms or molecules that possess a non-zero electric dipole moment, which gives rise to…

JILA and NIST Fellows Jun Ye and David Nesbitt have developed a new breathalyzer method for COVID-19 diagnoses using a frequency comb laser.
Using Frequency Comb Lasers as a Breathalyzer for COVID-19

JILA researchers have upgraded a breathalyzer based on Nobel Prize-winning frequency-comb technology and combined it with machine learning to detect SARS-CoV-2 infection in 170 volunteer subjects with excellent…

A respresentation of the dynamics within the superconducting system
Using Ion Crystals to Simulate Superconductors

When a superconducting material is cooled down below a critical temperature, something seemingly magical happens: its electrical resistivity drops abruptly to zero! Initially, before 1911, this was thought to be…

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Major Activities

Latest News

JILA's Postdoc Group, an internal organization supporting postdoctoral researchers within JILA, held a career panel titled: "Insights for Applying for Faculty Positions as a Postdoctoral Researcher." The panel featured three JILA Fellows: Margaret Murnane, Shuo Sun, and Graeme Smith, and J. Curtis Beimborn II, the Director of the W.M. Keck Laboratory at JILA, who recently accepted a faculty position on the East Coast. 


Recent Publications

The Event Horizon Telescope Image of the Quasar NRAO 530
Jorstad S., J. Dexter, and et. al, The Astrophysical Journal 943, 170 (2023).
Investigators: Jason Dexter
Comparison of spontaneous emission in trapped-ion multiqubit gates at high magnetic fields
Carter A., S.R. Muleady, A. Shankar, J. Lilieholm, B. Bullock, M. Affolter, A.M. Rey, and J.J. Bollinger, Phys. Rev. A 107, 042618 (2023).
Investigators: Ana Maria Rey
Photon-mediated correlated hopping in a synthetic ladder
Chu A., A. Orioli, D. Barberena, J.K. Thompson, and A.M. Rey, Phys. Rev. Research 5, L022034 (2023).
Investigators: Ana Maria Rey
Blue-Detuned Magneto-optical Trap of Molecules
Burau J.J., Physical Review Letters 130, 193401 (2023).
Investigators: Jun Ye
Breath analysis by ultra-sensitive broadband laser spectroscopy detects SARS-CoV-2 infection
Liang Q., Y.-C. Chan, J. Toscano, K.K. Bjorkman, L.A. Leinwand, R. Parker, E.S. Nozik, D.J. Nesbitt, and J. Ye, Journal Of Breath Research 17, 036001 (2023).
Investigators: Jun Ye | David Nesbitt
Frequency stability of cryogenic silicon cavities with semiconductor crystalline coatings
Kedar D., J. Yu, E. Oelker, A. Staron, W. Milner, J.M. Robinson, T. Legero, F. Riehle, U. Sterr, and J. Ye, Optica 10, 464 (2023).
Investigators: Jun Ye