Intellectual eXchange with Synergistic Research Directions

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MA-X encompasses an essential philosophy of the JILA-PFC to explore and pursue synergistic research opportunities.  Center investigators will be keenly alert to opportunities to exchange interesting ideas and technologies between our three core activities and newly inspired projects outside the central focus of the Center.

In this small set of projects our focus is outward looking, work designed to explore intellectual and technological broader impact and conversely to let the societal or science-beyond-physics needs eventually influence our research. Each of the projects (i) has significant overlap with activities and competences within our more central major activities, (ii) has strong potential for impacts beyond the central intellectual foci of the JILA-PFC, and (iii) has prospects for bringing ideas, needs, viewpoints from the broader world, with the goal over time of modifying our core activities as well.  

Specific topics in this major research activity include:

  • Comb spectroscopy for breath analysis
  • Single-photon measurements of bioluminescence reactions
  • Generation of bright, structured, vacuum and extreme UV light