Molecules Making an Impact: From pico eV to Tera eV

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The frontier on the comprehension and control of quantum states continuously develops towards increasingly more complex systems. Having a diverse set of expertise, we see molecules as a fascinating example of at least potentially tractable quantum complexity.

We advance powerful experimental capabilities in molecular cooling, molecular trapping, low temperature chemistry techniques and also frequency combs in key wavelength ranges to promote the field of molecular physics into new directions. The projects in this research direction have key features in common: they have technical and scientific synergies with the other major activities in the JILA-PFC, and with each other, and they are strategically situated at the boundary regions between fully understandable and impossibly complex.

Specific topics in this major research activity include: 

  • Metal-oxide clusters in external fields
  • Cryogenic ion spectroscopy of lanthanide complexes
  • Electron electric dipole moment (eEDM)
  • Ultracold lanthanide dimers
  • Structure and dynamics of the Buckminsterfullerene molecule
  • Highest phase space density of directly laser-cooled molecules