Many-Body Quantum Matter from Atoms to Real Materials

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Among the most fundamental, important and complex questions in quantum physics is how many-body interactions can give rise to the remarkable properties of strongly correlated quantum systems relevant across different disciplines ranging from quantum materials to quarks and gluons in nuclei, to neutron stars.

Taking advantage of our Center's expertise in preparing and controlling quantum matter using state-of-the-art light sources we focus on the understanding and manipulation of interactions between quantum particles to synergistically advance ultracold atomic and molecular optical systems, quantum defects in solids and 1D/2D materials and jointly shed light on the complex behaviors of strongly correlated many-body quantum matter. We develop a research effort where for the first time our experiments in solid state materials meet our ultracold gases experiments and inform each other to push the frontier of material sciences.

Specific topics in this major research activity include: 

  • Microscopy of the low-temperature Fermi-Hubbard model
  • Exotic magnetism in the two-orbital SU(N) Fermi-Hubbard model
  • Many-body interactions in 1D and 2D quantum materials
  • Emergent many-body quantum behaviors from power-law interactions
  • Collective spin models via photon mediated interactions