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Press Clipping: JILA and NIST Fellow Jun Ye's research highlighted in the "Boulder Daily Camera"

Submitted by kennac on Thu, 07/11/2024 - 4:36 pm

The Boulder Daily Camera recently featured an article on the pioneering work of JILA and NIST Fellow and University of Colorado Boulder physics professor Jun Ye. The piece delves into Ye's development of the world's most precise and accurate clock. 

Press Clipping: JILA Fellow and NIST Physicist Adam Kaufman's work highlighted in "Physics World"

Submitted by kennac on Thu, 05/30/2024 - 2:56 pm

JILA Fellow and NIST physicist Adam Kaufman, alongside his dedicated team, has garnered significant attention in a Physics World article for their innovative work in the field of quantum physics. The team’s research has resulted in developing a boson sampler that utilizes atoms instead of photons, marking a significant advancement in the simulation of complex quantum states. The results of their work were recently published in Nature.