Konrad Lehnert

JILA Celebrates Custodial Appreciation Day

Submitted by kennac on Mon, 11/06/2023 - 10:54 am

In the early morning hours at JILA, before most of the laboratories are up and running, a team of custodians diligently works to ensure the building is clean and safe for use. Because each laboratory has different requirements for what can and cannot be cleaned, the challenge of tidying JILA’s many facilities is far from straightforward. However, the team of six custodians, Boua Sayavong, Nouan Saengdara, Beatriz Soto, Irma Bernard, Gabriela Soto, and Gabriela Mora, who have had years of experience dealing with JILA’s unique requirements, handle these challenges in stride.

Quantum Networks and Transduction Between Light & Electricity

Electrical circuits and optical systems are both technology domains in which quantum information can be manipulated, stored, and transmitted. But there is presently no way to transmit quantum information between these domains, hindering the creation of a quantum network of superconducting quantum computers. We investigate the electro-optic transduction of quantum information to enable such a quantum network.