Press Clipping: JILA Fellow and NIST Physicist Adam Kaufman highlighted in new CUbit Quantum Initiative Video

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JILA Fellow and NIST physicist Adam Kaufman was recently highlighted in a CUbit Quantum Initiative video as part of CUbit's larger NSF-funded organization Q-SEnSE (Quantum Systems through Entangled Science and Engineering). In the video, Kaufman discusses how to use optical tweezer systems, a web of laser lights, to enhance the measurements of atomic clocks. 

The video shows the tweezer experiment set up in the Kaufman lab using strontium atoms. JILA graduate student Aaron Young explained how the tweezer system allowed such precise control of the strontium atoms that the researchers could simulate multiple types of systems within their experiment. 

Kaufman also explained in the video that using the lasers to cool down the atoms can prepare "quantum states of interest, that improve the atomic clock."