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Jun Ye group


I am a VATAT postdoctoral research fellow working on high-precision mid-IR spectroscopy of buffer gas cooled fullerenes.  I earned my PhD in the Fleischer lab at Tel-Aviv University on ultrafast rotational echo spectroscopy and coherent molecular dynamics of gas phase ensembles.


I am an NRC postdoc on the KRb team, where we study many-body physics and chemical reaction dynamics with ultracold polar molecules.  I obtained my Ph.D. from the Engel group at the University of Chicago studying nonadiabatic excited state dynamics in photosynthetic proteins.


I work on the KRb experiment, exploring many-body physics with ultracold polar molecules. I received my undergraduate degree in physics from Princeton University and studied condensed matter problems in the Yazdani and the Houck labs.


I am a postdoc working on the strontium lattice clock experiments. I finished my Ph.D. in the Jae-yoon Choi group at KAIST(Korea), where I studied ultracold lithium atoms focusing on quantum gas experiments.


I am a postdoctoral research associate working on laser cooling and trapping of YO molecules. I did my Ph.D. work in the group of Prof. Steven Hoekstra at the University of Groningen, where I worked on the production and Stark deceleration of molecular beams.

William Milner wins this year's GPMFC Student Poster Prize at DAMOP


This year's winner of the Group for Precision Measurement and Fundamental Constants (GPMFC) Student Poster Prize is JILA student William Milner.  Milner's poster prize was won at DAMOP, which is a part of the American Physics Society (APS) and stands for Division of Atomic, Molecular & Optical Physics.  The title of his poster was "Exploring interactions in the band insulating regime with Fermi-degenerate 87 Sr".  Congratulations Will!


I work on the KRb experiment, where we are studying many-body physics and ultracold chemistry with a quantum gas of polar molecules. I received my Bachelor's degree from Harvard, where I worked on laser cooling of molecules in Professor John Doyle's lab.