James Thompson


Katie was an REU student during the summer of 2012 when she worked to develop low noise photodiodes for spin squeezing experiments.  She is currently working toward her PhD in physics, having joined the group of Subhadeep Gupta at the University of Washington.


Daniel Barker was an REU student during the summer of 2007, working to build AOM sources for the rubidium system.  He is currently at the University of Maryland, where he is nearing completion of his PhD in physics working with Gretchen Campbell.


Josh successfully defended his PhD thesis in 2015 titled "Synchronization and Sensing with Steady State Superradiance and Spin Squeezing." He currently works for WyzAnt, Inc.


Matt graduated in August 2017.  He went on to work with Adam Kaufman at JILA as an NRC postdoctoral fellow. Matt helped to start a strontium tweezer experiment and demonstrated a tweezer clock among other accomplishments.  Matt then moved to IQOQI to work with Francesca Ferlaino on quantum droplet experiments in dysprosium.  He is now working at Atom Computing in Boulder on tweezer-based quantum computing.


Phoenix was a graduate student working on the Rubidium experiment.  She has since joined the group of John Kitching at NIST, building optical magnetometers.


Kevin successfully defended his PhD thesis in November 2016 titled "Quantum-Enhanced Measurements with Atoms in Cavities". While at CU, Kevin created conditionally squeezed states using the cycling transition in rubidium 87, in addition to studying applications of superradiant lasers for sensing external fields. Outside of lab, Kevin liked to spend time exploring Colorado with his wife Caitie. Kevin won a prestigious Army Research Lab ENIAC Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship to work with Paul Kunz at the Army Research Lab.


Zilong successfully defended his PhD thesis in July 2013 titled "Breaking Quantum Limits with Collective Cavity-QED: Generation of Spin Squeezed States via Quantum Non-Demolition Measurements."  He then went on to study diamond NV centers for magnetometry as part of the Quantum Sensors/Quantum Optics group of Leonid Krivitskiy working at the Data Storage Institute in Singapore (http://www.dsi.a-star.edu.sg/Pages/index.aspx) .


Justin successfully defended his PhD thesis December 2013.  His thesis is titled "A superradiant laser and spin squeezed states:  collective phenomena in a rubidium cavity QED system for enhancing precision measurements."  Justin was awarded a National Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship and worked on trapped ion simulators of quantum many-body systems with John Bollinger in the Ion Storage group at NIST, Boulder.  He is currently leading work on trapped ion quantum computing at Quantinuum.