Press Clipping: JILA and NIST Fellows Jun Ye's and Jan Hall's Work highlighted in "AZO Optics"

A schematic of a laser going through an AOM, which sends sound waves into a silicon cavity. 

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Kenna Hughes-Castleberry/Ye and Hall Groups

In a recent highlight in AZO Optics, a premier online publication dedicated to the optics and photonics community, JILA's groundbreaking advancements in laser technology have been brought into the limelight. The feature, which serves as a testament to JILA's pioneering work in quantum science and precision measurement, showcases the institute's continuous efforts to push the boundaries of what's possible with laser technology.

The feature in AZO Optics underscores the collaborative nature of this research. It brings to light the synergy between the experienced minds at JILA, including the likes of Jun Ye and Ivan Ryger, and the visionary work of John Hall. This collaboration symbolizes the fusion of foundational research and innovative application, demonstrating how past discoveries are vital in paving the way for future technological advancements.

The AZO Optics article also elaborates on the practical implications of this research. By improving the PDH method, JILA's work opens doors to more accurate and stable laser systems. This enhancement is crucial in areas such as precision measurement, quantum computing, and even space exploration, where the slightest error or instability can lead to significant deviations.


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