Current PISEC Personnel

Mike Bennett, Ph.D. ::

Mike Bennett is the current Director of Educational Outreach and Research for PISEC and the JILA PFC.  He is also a research associate with the Physics Education Research group at CU Boulder.  Mike completed his doctoral work in nuclear astrophysics at Michigan State University / National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory.  Mike's outreach experience includes work at museums and summer camps as well as leading an initiative at MSU designed to bring nuclear science to underrepresented students in Detroit public schools.

Prof. Eric Cornell ::

As director of the JILA Physics Frontier Center, Eric leads a broad spectrum of outreach programs, including PISEC. The PFC strives to also be at the frontier of outreach by including a strong assessment component. In the literature, after school programs are not well studied, making the PISEC research cutting edge.

Prof. Noah Finkelstein :: 303-735-6082,

Noah is an associate professor of PER in the Photophysics department and creates and studies conditions which promote students' interest and ability in physics, education and the intersection of these domains. He is deeply committed to blending research, teaching, and community partnership. He is involved in the CLASS, PhET, PhysTEC, PFPF and NSF CCLI programs in the department.


PISEC Affiliates

Rosemary Wulf ::

Rosemary Wulf is a graduate of CU Boulder who worked with PISEC for years. Rosemary is a Knowles Science Teaching Foundation (KSTF) fellow.  In the KSTF fellowship she currently uses research techniques that she learned from PISEC to study and improve her own teaching practice. Rosemary currently teaches high school science in Englewood, CO, and is helping to develop PISEC offerings for high school students.



Former PISEC Personnel

Katie Hinko, Ph.D. ::

Katie Hinko is the former Director of Educational Community Partnerships for PISEC JILA PFC and was a post-doctoral research associate in Physics Education Research. She completed her doctoral work at the University of Texas at Austin in biophysics. At UT she was the Graduate Outreach Coordinator for the Physics Department and ran the popular Physics Circus program, a traveling K-12 science demonstration show.  Katie is currently an Assistant Professor of Physics at Lyman Briggs College at Michigan State University.

Laurel Mayhew, Ph.D.:: 303-492-7815,

Laurel is the former Director of Educational Community Partnerships for the JILA PFC PISEC Program. She developed both the K-12 outreach and the research components of the program. She developed a training program for university students that work with children in the after school program, in addition to a series of assessments designed to measure the effect of the program on both children and university students.