PhET Team Receives 2018 APS Excellence in Physics Education Award

Published: 10-27-2017
Stanford Professor Carl Wieman, PhET founder PhET Director Kathy Perkins PhET Development Director Ariel Paul

The American Physical Society has bestowed its 2018 Excellence in Physics Education Award upon the PhET Interactive Simulations Team. The team includes Stanford University Professor Carl Wieman, PhET’s Founder and senior advisor; PhET Director Kathy Perkins (University of Colorado); Ariel Paul, Director of Development; Michael Dubson, Physics faculty, University of Colorado; Emily B. Moore, Director of Research and Accessibility, University of Colorado; and Sam Reid, Software Developer, University of Colorado, and Wendy K. Adams, Colorado School of Mines.

The award cited the PhET Interactive Simulations Team “for the systematic development, dissemination, and evaluation of the physics education tool, PhET Interactive Simulations project, used world-wide by millions of students and their teachers.”

The Excellence in Physics Education Award is given in recognition of a team that has exhibited a sustained commitment to excellence in physics education. The award, which is presented annually, consists of $5000, a certificate citing the achievements of the group or individual, and an allowance for travel expenses to the 2018 APS April meeting where the award will be presented.

Of the award-winning PhET team, Wieman, Paul, and Perkins have special ties to JILA. Wieman was a University of Colorado Physics Professor and JILA Fellow 1985-2006. During his tenure at JILA, he and Eric Cornell made the world’s first Bose-Einstein condensate, a feat for which they won the 2001 Nobel Prize in physics. Ariel Paul did his Ph.D. thesis work and postdoctoral research at JILA as well as serving as a JILA Instrument Shop apprentice. Paul and Perkins are currently JILA affiliates. Wieman is a Fellow Adjoint.

Congratulations to the PhET Interactive Simulations Team!

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