NSF highlights the Ye Lab's development of laser frequency comb applications

Published: 06-23-2015
Precision rulers of light (laser frequency combs) span millions of frequencies of light, and can operate from the mid-infrared through the visible to the extreme ultraviolet. They are at the heart of new technologies such as optical atomic clocks, molecular fingerprinting and a noninvasive breath analyzer. Credit: The Ye group and Steve Burrows, JILA.

A National Science Foundation Discovery feature highlights the work of the Ye Lab in their dramatic development of laser frequency comb applications that have, according to the article "transformed basic scientific research and led to new technologies in so many different fields--timekeeping, medical research, communications, remote sensing, astronomy, just to name a few."

Learn more about this research by reading the article, Combing frequencies: NSF-funded center provides spectrum of new research, technology.

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