Bryce Bjork Awarded 2017 Rao Prize

Published: 07-17-2017
Bryce Bjork

Bryce Bjork’s talk entitled “Direct Measurement of OD+CO-> cis-DOCO, trans-DOCO, and D+CO2 Branching Kinetics using Time-Resolved Frequency Comb Spectroscopy” was selected by a panel of judges at the International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy as one of three winners of the 2017 Rao Prize. The prize will be presented to Bjork at the June 2018 Symposium.

In addition, Bjork was asked to serve as a judge in the 2018 Rao Prize competition. If he is able to attend next year’s Symposium, his registration fee will be waived and he will receive an up-to-six nights’ stay at the four-bedroom suite rate.

“There were many superb talks, but yours was exceptional,” said Gary Douberly, Chair of the 2017 Rao Prize Committee, in a recent letter to Bjork informing him of his selection. “We hope that this prize represents the beginning of what we expect will be a distinguished career in science.”

Rao Prize winners and their co-authors are invited to submit articles based on their talks to the Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy. When published, the article will appear in the journal with a caption linking the paper with the symposium talk that won the Rao Prize.

“The prize is given to graduate students,” said Jun Ye, Bjork’s advisor at JILA.  “But, it usually signifies the beginning point of a young spectacular scientific career in the field of molecular spectroscopy.” 

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