Counting the quietest sounds in the universe
In the Lehnert Lab at JILA, a qubit sits in a small copper box. The qubit itself would fit on your pinky nail. Using that qubit, graduate student Lucas Sletten can measure the quietest sound in the universe: individual phonons, the...
Dancing through dynamical phase transitions in an out-of-equilibrium state
In physics, it’s always easier to study a system in equilibrium. A system in equilibrium is neat and orderly, everything in balance. But the real world is rarely so perfectly balanced. “Life is out-of-equilibrium. The weather is out-of-...
Keep it steady
"That's the difference between me sitting there and running my clock for an hour versus running my clock for ten hours." - Eric Oelker Imagine trying to read a clock with hands that wobble. The worse the wobble, the more difficult it is...
DNA imaging, ready in five minutes
Ready in five It turned out soaking the mica for too long was part of the problem. Plus, the DNA wasn’t able to equilibrate on the surface, resulting in the squished ball shapes rather than nice, separate strands. “If you let it sit for...
The Fastest Vortex in the West
Hiding behind this optical croissant is a variety of unique physics. What do whirlpools, black holes, hurricanes, Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, and the creamer you just put into your coffee cup have in common? All of these things exhibit...

The JILA Physics Frontier Center (JILA PFC) brings together 20 investigators in collaboration to share goals, ideas, expertise and technology in their aim to realize precise measurement, innovative manipulation, and harvesting ever-more intriguing meaning, all in the world of complex  quantum systems.

A theme that runs through all of JILA PFC research is the importance of interactions in understanding and exploiting the nature of quantum many-particle systems. The JILA PFC seeks to foment a new quantum revolution, in which matter with built-in quantum correlation will be understood, controlled, and harnessed. In this process, we will gain new insights into the emergence of universal rules that govern complex materials. At the same time, the JILA PFC envisions inventing novel quantum-measurement approaches for exploring unknown corners of our physical world.

The JILA PFC is housed within the JILA institute, which is a joint institute of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the University of Colorado at Boulder.


Center News

JILA team demonstrates model system for distribution of more accurate time signals
Australian fellowship named for late JILA Fellow Deborah Jin
JILA's Ana Maria Rey wins Blavatnik Award
JILA Fellow Murray Holland wins Marinus Smith Award

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