NIST Team Compares 3 Top Atomic Clocks With Record Accuracy Over Both Fiber and Air
In a significant advance toward the future redefinition of the international unit of time, the second, a research team led by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has compared three of the world’s leading atomic clocks...
The Forces involved in Folding Proteins
Washing your hands after cracking an egg or touching raw chicken may seem common sense, as the possible resulting bacterial infections have been thoroughly studied. Yet, researchers at JILA have found something surprising and ground-...
Molecules in Flat Lands: an Entanglement Paradise
Within the realm of quantum mechanics, the generation of quantum entanglement remains one of the most challenging goals. Entanglement, simply put, is when the quantum state of each particle or a group of particles is not independent of the...
Using Quantum Knots to Build a Secure Internet
In this era of the pandemic, the amount of internet hacking has increased dramatically. Hackers threaten our security, taking information before anyone realizes the network has been compromised. These threats are serious and require...
Scientists develop new, faster method for seeking out dark matter
For nearly a century, scientists have worked to unravel the mystery of dark matter—an elusive substance that spreads through the universe and likely makes up much of its mass, but has so far proven impossible to detect in experiments. Now...

The JILA Physics Frontier Center (JILA PFC) brings together 20 investigators in collaboration to share goals, ideas, expertise and technology in their aim to realize precise measurement, innovative manipulation, and harvesting ever-more intriguing meaning, all in the world of complex  quantum systems.

A theme that runs through all of JILA PFC research is the importance of interactions in understanding and exploiting the nature of quantum many-particle systems. The JILA PFC seeks to foment a new quantum revolution, in which matter with built-in quantum correlation will be understood, controlled, and harnessed. In this process, we will gain new insights into the emergence of universal rules that govern complex materials. At the same time, the JILA PFC envisions inventing novel quantum-measurement approaches for exploring unknown corners of our physical world.

The JILA PFC is housed within the JILA institute, which is a joint institute of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Major Activities

Center News

Can the Denver, Boulder area be an epicenter for the next great tech boom?
Margaret Murnane is awarded Honorary Doctorate from the University of Limerick
Jun Ye wins 2020 Micius Quantum Prize
Department of Defense Awards Konrad Lehnert Prestigious Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellowship

JILA’s NSF Physics Frontier Center follows University of Colorado polices for ensuring harassment-free environments.  For more detailed information please read the whole Discrimination and Harassment Policy and Procedures.